Sample Timewise Report - Dummy Data

Timewise analyses your calendar events of the past 6 months and generates the following insights.
Total time in meetings

% time is calculated assuming you work for 5 days, 9 hours every day.

of total available time
Too many meetings

Looks like you are not spending enough time in deep work. More details below!
Get a full day free of meetings
Try moving all recurring meetings on same day.
meetings on Tuesdays
only 15% on Thursday
Move everything to Tuesday - enjoy a full free day of Deep Work, no interruptions! Some recurring Thursday meetings are

Daily Standup

Deepak / Aditya - product catchups

Fill jobs - daily stand up

Recurring 1:1s

Any recurring calendar event with one more person in your team. It's possible that some of those are not 1:1s but marketing, sales, tech catchups etc

Should be around 120 hours. Benchmarked with 92 managers.
Not enough 1:1s

A good 1:1 practice is what makes or breaks teams! Use them to understand happiness, aspirations and engagement levels of your teams. Here is a helpful article on running them well.
Team mates in 1:1

1:1 is defined as a recurring event with a team member inside your organisation.

Abhishek, 5 times, total 1.7 hours

Deepak, 1 times, total 0.8 hours

Maragadamma.r, 1 times, total 0.5 hours

Saiteja, 5 times, total 2.1 hours

Dhruv.baldwa, 1 times, total 0.5 hours

Customer / Vendor meetings

Any event where at least one client was present i.e. any other domain apart from my team.

Should be around 180 hours. Benchmarked with 61 managers.
Need customer time

Even if you are an engineer, as a leader you should try to spend at least some time with customers!
How frequently you met clients

These can be vendors too, heads up!

Razorpay, 44 times

Flipkart, 4 times

Cisco, 3 times

Producthunt, 1 time

Overall meeting time split

Split of time spent across various categories

Like what you see?
Recurring Team Huddles

Recurring events with people from my team..

Should be around 300 hours. Benchmarked with 51 managers.
Well done! In limit

Yes, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force.
More calendar insights

Meeting rooms can also be outside your office btw.

Your favorite meeting place is PRANEETH, 2nd Floor

Your favorite teammates are Dhruv.baldwa, Saiteja, Sonal.alva

Vacation / Leaves taken

Counted if any events were marked with out of office / vacation title.

Should be around 200 hours. Benchmarked with 4 managers.
Too many vacations

Wow, so many! Maybe it's time to start thinking about remote work, eh?